Photo by Nicolette Sarzosa


It's never too late for anyone to enjoy the benefits of music lessons. The MusicLand adult program is adapted to understand and meet the needs of the adult learner and to make even the most skeptical comfortable.

The benefits of taking music lessons as an adult at MusicLand piano studio include:

- Customized programming to meet your needs and musical interests
- Repertoire choices that match your needs and passions
- Lesson progression that is adjusted to accommodate varying levels of time available for practice

"Music is the one common link between every gender, culture and race we use it to relax or heal ourselves, in times of joy, sorrow and just to occupy our minds and body. I play for all these reasons and enjoy being taught by Milena as she caters to all ages and abilities. She makes it a fun learning environment for all."

Milena Gajić's student - Toronto

"I have been studying piano with Milena for nine years, and I am proud to say that last year I passed my Grade 8 Royal Conservatory exam. Milena coached me with a perfect combination of professional rigour, kindness and lots and lots of patience! Given my age (let's just say I qualify for the discount at Shoppers), she works with my limitations and makes playing the piano both a discipline and a joy. I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Milena for bringing such musical happiness into my life."

Robin Pacific - Toronto