Photo by Nicolette Sarzosa


"Milena was my teacher for over 11 years and through her determination she helped me pass all my RCM exams. An incredible, kind-hearted teacher who works with you on both a musical and personal level. It was an incredible experience having her as a teacher."

Eric Cucuri - Toronto

"Milena is an excellent musician and a pedagogue. My 7-year-old daughter is learning with Milena for two years and she has learned a lot and enjoys playing the piano very much! Milena is amazing with young children and has an excellent teaching approach and methods. Highly recommended!"

Lilly Otašević - Toronto

"I joined MusicLand in 2011 and have been there since. Milena is a phenomenal piano teacher who I have been lucky to have teach me these past years. She is very patient and always allows me to play the type of music I want to play. I could not have had a better teacher through this musical experience."

Julia Pisani - Toronto

"One of the best piano teachers in the city, if not the whole country. Milena is amazing with children and adults, always patient and supportive while teaching piano and theory. If you are thinking about starting your children or yourself in piano, this is the place to do it."

Filip Zdravković - Toronto

"Milena is an extraordinary musician, teacher and person. I love piano lessons with her."

Ružena Žibritová - Toronto

"Milena is a very enthusiastic and inspiring piano teacher. We'd actually say that she is an excellent educator, as she not only teaches how to play the instrument, but rather how to love the music. Through her excellent teaching techniques, exceptional patience and tailored homework assignments, she encourages the development daily and habitual piano practice. When our daughter started with Milena (after being away from weekly piano lessons for more than 3 years), we were very curious and cautious about how her skills would improve. With Milena's refined guidance and support of over a year and a half, our daughter progressed excellently and we are more than pleased with the results. Milena's lovely personality and positive energy are additional components that are making the learning environment at her cozy piano studio even more inspiring and fun! We've read somewhere that music is the time between the notes, and learning with Milena makes that time more valuable and meaningful."

Tatjana and Siniša - Toronto

"Milena is an amazing teacher, the best teacher ever!" - this was the spontaneous answer I got from my daughter Laura Emma when I asked her what she thought about her piano lessons with Mrs. Milena Gajić. My daughter's first contact with the piano had been when she was 6, in a different piano studio. She didn't make much progress because she didn't like the teaching style, despite the fact that she always loved music. She's 9 now and has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Milena Gajić for almost 3 years. Not only does she love piano and her teacher, but she passed 3 exams at the Royal Conservatory of Music with 'First Class Honours with Distinction'. All of this is thanks to her teacher who succeeded in making piano a source of joy for her. Milena teams up with her each and every student and works with dedication to achieve amazing results. I am so grateful for Milena being the teacher and person she is."

Lucia Calugaru - Toronto

"Milena is a talented musician, with piano and music obviously being Milena's passion. Our two boys have been attending lessons at Milena's piano studio for almost two years now. Although the boys had previously had some exposure to piano, ever since we started sending them to MusicLand Piano Studio, the progress has been remarkable. Each student is different but Milena tailors sessions to each student's needs and even student's character - we have two boys and can tell subtleties in how Milena works with them, keeping each of them focused and motivated. Work with students is interactive, one-on-one, with homework and notes, so that students are clear what to focus on for the next class (position, bars, notes, tempo, dynamics, corrections, etc.). Our kids are enthusiastic, enjoy going to classes and showing off for family and friends, or even just walking by a piano in a store. I definitely recommend Milena's piano studio to piano students of all levels and parents who want to give music as a life-long joy and gift to their children."

Amela and Vlado - Toronto

"Milena is the piano teacher of our son Eric since January 2010. We can never find the right words to express how lucky we have been to find Milena. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about teaching music. Milena possesses a wonderful pedagogy to reach a child and to motivate him. Teaching through games, she makes learning fun and meaningful. Our son is always happy to go in the piano lesson and he expresses how he enjoys the time spent in the studio. Eric recently passes the first piano exam with Honours and Distinction due to the hard work of his teacher. We cannot recommend Milena enough as a wonderful and talented piano teacher. Thank you, Milena!"

Mira Cucuri - Toronto

"I have been a student of Milena's for a little bit over 10 years. I am extremely happy with the way she works with students like myself. She is very persistent with her work and is passionate about what she does. It is always a joy to come to every lesson. Working with Milena has taught me a lot more than learning to play the piano. She has made me a better person and has taught me to work very hard in order to expect great things in return. She is a very patient and extremely kind person who enjoys music and LOVES to share it with everyone around her! "

Lana Rebić - Toronto

"Mrs. Milena Gajić has been our daughter Sandra's piano teacher from January 1999 until June 2002. Mrs. Gajić immediately managed to motivate our daughter who was only nine years old at the time, choose appropriate music for her and guide her through all the difficult stages of learning to play the piano. Excellent results were soon to come. In November 1999 Sandra was the laureate first prize winner of the 18th Grand Prix International in Geneva. For this to be achieved so early in Sandra's life, Mrs. Gajić had to put in a lot of effort outside the regular music school activities. From our experience, we have found Mrs. Gajić to be an extremely competent, talented and hard working teacher, who is also able to convey her knowledge to her pupils. We can gladly recommend Mrs. Gajić to any music teaching institution."

Svetlana and Zvonko Jakopović

"Ronni started piano lessons before she even knew how to read. 2 years later she plays the piano with confidant and determination. She loves going to piano lessons and happy to practice at home. The atmosphere in class is always positive and encouraging and for this, Milena, we thank you very much. We are looking forward for Ronni's little sister to start her piano and vocal lessons soon."

Yael Cohen - Toronto

"Milena is a gifted music teacher. She can read her students and caters to their musical talent, she makes it fun and enjoyable for the student. Romeo has been learning Piano from Milena for the past 7 years. She was able to not only capture his love of music, but keep his interest. Her love of music and the ability to pass on her passion to students is quite rare. He truly loves going to his music lessons and learning new pieces to play. Milena is an excellent music teacher and Romeo is lucky to have such an accomplished musician to teach him!."

Nimasha Mathawathage - Toronto

"Our daughter has been learning piano with Milena for the past 6 years now. It gives us great joy to see her acquire an appreciation for music and the arts. Milena provides great motivation, and has the inspiration of the joy for music we want to instill in our daughter Stephanie. We have seen Milena play the piano on various occasions...and each time she takes our breath away.! Our hopes, is that our daughter will be able to play the piano with the emotion and joy she displays and conveys to her students always. Milena is both passionate and disciplined in her approach to teaching music to all her students."

Proud parents
Helen and Paul Loggie

"Our Dearest piano teacher, nothing is too much to describe the joy I felt when I found you,and, when I found out you were Southern European. Who can teach my son Marco better than you?! He once told me,
'Milena teaches me with a lot of care, patience, and she is really, really fair. She makes it fun and the time we spend together goes by so fast!'
My dream is to be able to play the piano and I look forward to those concerts where my son is playing the piano! Thank you Milena, we love you.
Sincerely, Adriana"

Adriana Leon - Toronto

"Milena is a natural born music teacher! She loves music, she loves piano, she enjoys people and she knows her stuff. She is passionate, disciplined, motivating, encouraging, funny and generally understanding when I do not practice enough. I have taken from many teachers and she has been the only teacher that has made me want to do better not just for me but also for her! I have had great fun in my last 4 years taking lessons from Milena."

Wes Mills, grade 7 piano student

"I have been studying with Ms. Gajić for nine years now, and can only say that my piano lessons are a highlight of the week. Ms. Gajić is a consummate professional. She really cares about her students and works hard to help them perform well. She is exacting and demands a great deal but always with humour and affection. Under her tutelage I have gone from Royal Conservatory of Music Grade Three to Grade Eight. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Robin Pacific, grade 8 piano student